The Birdie dance (video), babies and a lovely surprise…

The Birdie dance (video), babies and a lovely surprise…

It’s Friday!!

As a bit of a tradition I like to take a few treats to the staff on a Friday. I don’t know when it started, but it just kind of seems right to look after them while they are looking after the kids.  I guess its my way of saying thank you without speaking bad vietnamese all the time.

So I stopped at the supermarket and got Oreo’s and some fresh passionfruit….balanced, naughty AND nice.

The staff were in a raucous happy mood…so was Thien.  I had to keep away from him while he was being fed as each time his eyes caught mine, he would laugh and spray food everywhere….the staff thought it was pretty funny too – thank goodness!!

I left the room so that he could focus and saw that kids were pouring into the communal area again for dance and singing time…I was SO there!! I followed the trail of kids..

Then this happened….I got the giggles and lost co-ordination….oh and there is a bit too much bosom! 🙂

The Birdie Dance (video)

After my dance I popped back to the room and spent some time with Hung and gave him a foot massage with some lovely oils that my lovely friend Julie Edlin gave to me.  I used orange and he LOVED it.  So did his ‘neighbour’ as his face was right near his feet so he was getting a good wiff of citrus goodness.

Time for some chilling out with the girls

Then I found a wee fella in the middle room who needed some TLC, so Ed Sheeran came out again (I love that guy….) and a gentle hand massage. We hung out together for about 30 minutes while his oxygen levels got up a bit more.

Then it was off to the babies room for a quick visit and to show a very special carer some photos.

I think it was about a year ago when I was here I met a couple who were also in the babies room and we with a little boy that I had a bit of a ‘soft spot’ for.  I joked and said “oh you should take HIM home with you”….to my surprise they said “we are”.  I got tingles and I think I almost cried.  This little boy had something very special about him and I had been photographing him on a few occasions as I was quite taken by his energy.

Anyway, long story short, Ken’s mum and I have kept in contact over email ever since that day.  She has told me about life with a adopted child and I shed light on things when I could.  Just like any other parent, you don’t get an instruction guide…but adopting a child who already has established routines is a whole new level of challenge! So…when I told her that I was going back I wanted to arrange a Skype call.  That hasn’t happened yet, but I’m aiming for next week.  Today I just wanted to test the coverage.

I showed Ken’s Go Vap mum the photos of  the little boy she took great care of.  I also had a friend translate an email so that she could hear how he has been doing.  She was over the moon!!! All the staff swarmed around my phone to get a close glimpse at Ken and how much he had grown.  They were all so delighted and I shared photos with them via bluetooth and they sat looking at them for ages.  It was such a lovely moment to be able to share with her.

Then I got to help feed and have cuddles before lunch.

Then it was off to the fabric market….ooh brocade!!!

After a few hours of hunting I went back to town to a central park to unwind (as much as you can in this big busy bustling city).  I watched families play badminton, walk together, tai chi, dancing and cross fit.

Then out for dinner ($7.50) and a walk around the river

Off to sleep now.  It’s the weekend and I am off to the market again tomorrow morning to pick up some more fabric and take to get samples made.  Then meeting a friend for coffee.  Then the evening will be mine to relax.

Thanks for reading!! Send me positive vibes. I miss you all!  I love this place, but I miss my kinfolk.

Lots of love

Sharon x

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