Someone is looking after me!!!

I love airports.  I love people watching.  People from all over the world in a common place with a common purpose.  People off to explore, head to exciting places, visit family or return home.    I love the airport vibe! I enjoy in taking time to sniff luxuriant fragrances,  swooning over pretty new OPI colours and discovering new yummy body lotions. Its a fun relaxing experience for me….or maybe its not the place to relax….

These guys were hilarious. I have no idea what they were laughing about but the guy with his hand up had the best laugh!
I found my gate sat down feeling proud that I was good at adulting and start chatting to strangers….we paint our nails together, talk about travel plans and life. I love this part of travelling!!  I’m lost in the moment of meeting new people and hearing their stories.  I just tell people I am “teaching english” in HCMC as it just makes the conversation easy.  We natter, laugh and share sweets.  During a pause in the conversation it dawned on me to check my boarding pass.  Casually I pull it out of my passport and realise that A) I am at the wrong gate and B) I have missed my connecting flight – DUH!! My new ‘friends’ amused by how I just laugh that I’ve missed my flight.

A menopausal flush spread its way all over my body.  The kind of flush when you send a message to the wrong person in error.  I started running….my little swollen feet grateful for the comfortable (slightly odd!) shoes I had just purchased .  I was THAT person. That person that misses their flight, dammit!
Back through customs, un pack laptop, un pack camera, remove bracelets and spread arms to be touched by security ladies back through Immigration (swish swash swish swash…..laughing to myself as its just like the book ‘We are going on a bear hunt’)…but in reverse and a bit more expensive.
The rush of the airport
I got to the AirAsia counter and there is a Vietnamese woman shaking with rage, she is screaming at the top of her lungs in front of her two petrified small children and her very tolerant husband.   Her husband was pinched, pushed and yelled at….if looks could kill this guy would be massacred!  I asked the lady on the counter what it was about and she told me that she too had missed her flight.
Body language
Nose pick
At first I thought to myself “choose your battles” but then it dawned on me that in fact that was a extremely ‘privileged’  and judgemental for me to think that, as the extra cost to catch their flight could’ve been colossal!  It looked like grandma, grandad, man, wife and 2 children were all travelling.  I started to really feel for the poor lady and how much stress this would put her family under as a lot of family can only afford to travel once every few years 🙁 I didn’t want to know how much a rebook would’ve cost them, or if they could even afford it.  What made matters worse what that so many people had hovered round to watch the drama unfold.
I love how asians generally know how to make the most of any opportunity to zzzz
I paid the additional $120 to get to HCMC and headed to Starbucks for a coffee and to sit and observe people (and make images with my phone) and binge watch Game of Thrones (I’ve been watching it from the beginning again since leaving CHCH).
Phones, phones, phones
Arriving at HCMC
Coming home
Yes, that IS 4 on a bike….

They say stuff happens in three’s.  I left my passport and $1500 cash unattended for 5 minutes in a shop, missed my connecting flight and almost got all the way through immigration in HCMC and realised I had left my pattern makers samples somewhere near the arrival hall.

Night time was a quick trip to the supermarket to get yoghurt, passionfruit, cheese and crackers, water, grapes, avocado, deodorant, coke, toothpaste (Doreen, tee hee), flannels, coat to keep sun off me on motorbike, pollution mask, coat hangers, coconut oil and a few cotton tops.  TOTAL = $45
I am one lucky/blessed/fortunate girl! I am finally here! This is going to be a great trip, I can feel it in me bones.
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