Losing my wallet and 1,000,000 VND

Losing my wallet and 1,000,000 VND

So today I was driving to check out another gym.  Dammit! I WILL find a gym that I can go to while I am here 🙂

The one I went to see yesterday was too far away so I found one closer.  I jumped on my trusty stead and popped my earphones in so that I could listen to Google Maps.

Little Miss Smarty Pants figured she could listen to sweet tunes while riding.  So I pop on some ‘Birdy’ (thanks Liam), then I literally laughed out loud when the next song was Macklemore’s ‘Downtown‘. Hilarious!!!

I went to the moped store with shoppers
Salesman like “What up, what’s your budget?”
And I’m like “Honestly, I don’t know nothing about mopeds”
He said “I got the one for you, follow me”
Oh it’s too real
Chromed out mirror, I don’t need a windshield
But on a seat, how can it be on two wheels
Eight hundred cash, that’s a hell of a deal
I’m headed Downtown, cruising through the alley
Tip-toeing in the street like Dally
Pulled up, moped to the valley
Whitewalls on the wheels like (mayonnaise)
Dope, my crew is ill, and all we need is two good wheels
Got gas in the tank, cash in the bank
And a bad little mama with her ass in my face
I’mma lick that, stick that, break her off, (Kit-Kat)
Snuck her in backstage, you don’t need a wristband

If you don’t know the song, listen to this and I am sure you can imagine me having a blast, feeling pretty fancy on my moped..
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGhoLcsr8GA  (and it has a cool video!!!)
I was GROOVIN!! Life is good! La le la….
I get to the gym and it looks great!  I pull up to the motorbike park and go to grab my wallet…..yup, you guessed it! I must have “danced” it out of my waist band (it was tucked into my yoga pants).
“Ôi chúa ơi – “Oh my god!”

I could tell the attendant felt really bad for me and was also saying OMG….So with my tail between my legs I head home.  Just to double check I didn’t actually leave it here.  Nope, its GONE!

I just hope a nice deserving family picked it up!

I think I got caught up in the pace of things. So for now I’m slowing down.

I got chatting to a French guy next door and asked if he could lend me 100,000 VND so that I could get a coffee at a local cafe.  A) I wanted to relax and B) it was pouring with rain.

Haven (Kujuz Cafe, 2 doors down from my place)

Reaching out for connection
Thanks Julie, these were my life saver today!
The light, the panels, the angles….SWOON!!

It finally stops raining so I Skype with mum and Bob and ‘walk’ them around my neighbourhood.  I relax for a while and take in the world around me.

I love the Hot Toc guys! They are always so happy!!
The charcoal smelt amazing through the damp air
I had to do a double take, this cat was getting blow dried after a wash.
Afternoon tea with mum
Later in the evening I saw behind this gate…and the fancy Mercedes!!!

I was to meet my friend Phuong tonight but have postponed till tomorrow so I can relax.

I’m riding slower, planning slower and even chewing my food slower. 

I was thinking about all this while I was driving (slowly) to the War museum. I was thinking about how the museum will remind me what is really important and to read about the war one more time before going to see the children tomorrow.  I was deep in thought.  The sound of horns now muted, just me, aware of my body and being conscious of being more mindful. I was at the lights and I look right.

This is what I see….

Its a man’s world
Frangipani after the rain smells incredible
A wee night time ride as its quiet and I love the river life at night
For you mum
There are lovely cafes everywhere along the Saigon river
Teenagers hanging out by the river
My house mate

I do a bit of washing so my outfit is ready for tomorrow.  I love the Vietnamese.  They don’t stress about stuff.  The owner saw my washing line and I reverted to a little 4 year old about to be told off….he reached for the remote and turned the fan on to make it dry quicker.

Then my friend Angie sends me this….messages are pouring over me today.

Sharon x

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