“Give me your ticket…take off your clothes!”

“Give me your ticket…take off your clothes!”

I went to see the kids on Wednesday with a big ass headache.

I just couldn’t shake it! I had been making a conscious effort to drink loads of water and seemed to be getting enough sleep.  I have also started having normal dreams now, instead of about the traffic which is great! But I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling yuck.  I didn’t remember feeling like this last time…or did I?

Sleepy eyes and hair pulling

I was lying down with Thien in the therapy room and just wanted to shut my eyes. I felt for him today too and really needed to be present with him.

He had a rough morning.  

When I arrived he was being fed and I think the spoon may (?) have hit his bad tooth or he did something wrong and was “told off”.  He was picked up and put back in his cot.  He was holding his breath and inhaling to maximum lung capacity.  He let out a huge guttural sobbing wail….

His eyes spilling over with tears and over flowing to his wee cheeks.  I squatted down beside his bed and put my face on the cold steel of the bed, and just looked at him.  I just ‘spoke’ to him with my eyes, my energy and my heart.  He lay…I sat….just with him.

Thien cried for about 3 long minutes.  I wasn’t going to try and make him smile, make him forget about what just happened, I was just going to sit with him and his emotions.  Poor poor Thien.  Slowly the tears stopped, the chest heaving gasps had stilled and his face softened.  He smiled that warm smile…

It was an awful morning for him and it made my headache feel minimal in the scheme of things and I just couldn’t keep my eyes open long (and it was only 1030!).

We lay and played, then I DID try and shut my eyes.  I think I slept for about 5 minutes until I woke up to him pulling my hair with fingers.  He thought this was brilliant, so of course I allowed him to do this a bit longer.  It was a lovely morning dedicated to just him.


I did see the others but I wanted him to know I was taking time for just him (even though I may have fallen asleep a little bit).

I went to lunch and had some paracetamol which helped.  Lunch was cool.  I met 2 families who had come back to Go Vap for the first time since adopting their kids.  It was awesome to talk to them (they were from Canada)

I went to the fabric market….But actually I didn’t.  I got epically lost and ended up about 25 kms on the other side of town. Kind of like the Rangiora of HCMC. So I ate cake and spoke to Aimee on FB (yay for technology).

Then made my way back to town and took photos on the way…I stopped at “puppy/calculator” street (as that is what they sell) and really I should’ve stopped.  These are sold as pets.  They are crammed in.  I felt tormented as I rode off…..

This really upset me…..
She was selling puppies, kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs.  All crammed with no water….

Seeing the animals shook me.  I had to pull over by ‘roasted duck’ street (at least they were already dead…sorry Sara Bailey I know that doesn’t make it right) to get my concentration back to focus on the traffic.

I got back into town a went for a massage at the Blind Foundation.  Its only $5 for an hour massage and from what I can tell they are happy in their work and appear to be treated really well.  I love supporting them and go a few times each visit.  I always tip.  I love their english.  With perfect pronunciation she says “give me your ticket. Take off your clothes!”  Almost in a military command.  It made me smile.  I did as she told me and got naked (apart from my grundies).

I often lie there and wonder what can they tell about me from body.  They can’t see, but can only feel, smell and sense. …could she smell that I was a bit moist (tee hee) under the pits?

I drove home, had a shower and took myself out for a mojito to celebrate that I am in fact here in HCMC.  A date night with myself over some dinner and a cocktail, so on went the lips and my favourite leg skins from Courage my Love.

No hair dryer, so I just use the ceiling fan on ‘high’ – boom! #creative
My ‘Courage My Love’ leg skins

I decided to give myself the day ‘off’ on Thursday to edit, go to the (correct) market and have a bit of me time.


I slept in till about 9.  Ate my chia, yoghurt and passionfruit that I had prepared the night before (so virtuous!)  Walked to my local coffee shop (Kujuz), its only 3 doors down and coffee is $2!  I listened to music, chatted to Ash and Emma, did some editing, spoke to my Liam and wrote a haiku in the visitor book.

I then went to the (correct fabric market) with my awesome navigationing skills.

Afternoon tea.  Watermelon and some coconut rice paper wrap thing
Waiting at the lights

Another moment that stuck with me.  The tube is a sign to say that they help you with your bike, so if you need air in your tyres or you get a puncture etc, you pull over and see these people.

If you look closely you will see two people (a man and a woman) under the red lines.  I think there ar grandma and grandad.  They both appear to have dementia.  She is tied to her chair so she can’t get, but he ambles around (his shirt is off).  He is frail and has a lost look on his face.  How he doesn’t walk into the traffic I do not know.

I struggle often when I see this kind of stuff.  I have given money to people (usually when there aren’t too many other people round to see), but I literally spent my last $20 on fabric samples….We have it SO lucky!

Tonights ‘House of Sharon’ beauty treatment is brought to you buy Coconut oil, fresh limes and random fruit.


Thanks for reading! Thanks for being part of my life, for sharing my page, liking my photos, dresses and perhaps thinking I’m alright too.

Sharon x

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