Beautiful normality and human connection.

Beautiful normality and human connection. My Wednesday in photos

A daily occurrence
Fatherly teachings
Binh Ahn came to watch TV with Hao and his brother

It was Thiens turn to come hang out with the brothers
Physio time
Daily hair play activity with Ngu Phuong
This staff member is so lovely with the kids, she gently stretches their limbs each day
Learning new juggling tricks
She LOVES the camera!!!

Library time

Then I stumble across a kiwi and an Aussie!!!
Out for bubble tea with Ru and May

Flowers outside the babies room

Then out to do a bit of business s

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Then off for dinner for glass noodles (thai), tofu, prawns and fish cakes…

Michelle my friend, interpreter and (poor navigator)…but you look purdy 😉
Night time stop to get fruit
Florist shop at night, I love how it looks like an aquarium
Stopping for coconut drink

and off to zzzz

Love, Sharon x

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