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Its not all about vaginas

Whether or not we had the ‘birds and the bees’ discussion with our parents, we all know how babies are made; we know where they come from, but talk about this in day to day life is comparable to raising religion or politics at a wedding – you just DON’T go there.  Mentioning I am […]


Heartfelt is an incredible organisation lead by an amazing man who turned his grief into something positive. I have been fortunate enough to be appointed as the South Island Representative and have been for the last six months.   On September 11 we had our AGM along with workshops and team catch ups. I was […]

Officially Approved

I have been working with Canterbury District Health Board for the past four years in my role with Now I lay Me Down to Sleep and more recently as the South Island Representative for Heartfelt NZ. The intensive experience within the hospital has allowed me to become an Approved Visiting Professional within the CDHB primary […]

Twin Goodness

SWOON! The glow of a woman who has just given birth gets me every time! I love that the first thing babies see is LOVE. They have heard mum and dad from within the womb and then when they are born they witness affection and warmth… what a beautiful and tender first lesson about life […]