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I’m a sucker for the ‘furkids’

Family isn’t defined by blood and DNA, its defined by love! Our pets bring us SO much joy and they have this amazing way of making themselves present during the little moments. Make a booking to capture your family, including the four legged members. $395 session with complimentary A3 canvas, 30-50 digital files in stunning […]

Your body, your birth…your choice

It’s been almost 3 years since I documented my first birth and I have learnt SO much and one thing that has become clear is that I am now a positive birth advocate. Not a roaring ‘hear me out’ advocate, wave flags in the air and make noise, kind of advocate, but a quiet ‘if […]

Happy 1st birthday Matilda

This is my very own niece Matilda.  Shooting at my sister in laws AMAZING pad in Lyttleton had me buzzing, such incredible light, forms and of course a chubby 1 year old. We love you to the moon and back.

World breastfeeding week

There are two things in this world that amazes me…well there is a lot, but the things that I can’t seem to get my head around is A) that massive aeroplanes (or little ones for that matter) can in fact fly into the air, and B) that we create little humans inside us.  …then our […]

What is an ideal life?

I am not Oprah, Maya Angelo or Meryl Streep…but I do happily admit that these women inspire me.  They inspire me for a number of reasons, namely they are fearless, honest and articulate. So I’m about to write about something that inspires me, I can’t compete with the passionate speeches that these women have given, […]

Love is a universal language

  Turning daily moments into timeless art is what my practice is all about. So last year when I received the following email from Kate and Ella in Vietnam I just knew I had to return. This was my opportunity to go back and say goodbye to Hien and give something back.   “We have […]