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Apart from all the scary trucks that come out at night, the speeding cars that turn from a street head on into you, the judder bars in unlit areas and massive pot holes… it was fun MY FIRST FULL DAY IN VIETNAM I started my morning with a wee stroll down by the river to […]

The other side of down

I guess reacquainting with your spirit and finding my passion comes from being a mum at 19 and watching my friends head off on their big OE’s, learning about their lives and searching the world…whilst I was at home struggling with a tiny (but adorable) baby. I struggled with the normality of the responsibility, but […]

Supernatural ladybird… (trigger warning Baby Loss)

I met the Mason/Richards family on a dark day back in 28 July 2013.  I received a call to say that a young family had suddenly lost a baby at full term.  A perfect, chubby cheeked, beautiful baby girl by the name of Lucy. I have done a lot of sessions over the past 5 […]

BEAUTY IS EVERYWHERE, its just about knowing what to look for…

On a recent road trip round the South Island to talk to hospitals about Heartfelt I also got to catch up with my fellow volunteer photographers….and last stop was with Jennifer Marriott from Nova Photography in Queenstown.  With sublime natural light it would be wrong not to whip out my camera and show her what moments I […]

The magical newness of life

Let’s admit it…..there is an unspoken ‘plan’ for us all.   We find someone we like, who tolerates our weirdness, we do life with them and then we make a ‘new life’.  It seems to be written in stone, whatever culture, country or belief system you reside in.  However, all this aside, I don’t think […]

Its the simple things…(Go Vap Orphanage Vietnam)

I don’t quite know why it has taken me so long to write about my last trip to see the children….maybe because it had a bigger impact on me than I could ever imagine.  I have been to Vietnam 4 times already at different times over the last few years, but this time was way […]

We are all the same

He sat at foot level to everyone runners, bikes, tourists parents with children and if he lifted his head he could see the dogs walking by, but he doesn’t. I stopped my run short and sat with him on the ground. He told me his dream was to just have a dog of his own, […]

From Russia with Love (Birth story of Platon)

Sorry about the cheesy blog name Natalia…but I kind of thought it was suitable.  Natalia from Latvia and Max from Russia…meeting in NZ and falling in LOVE! This is one very special birth as it was the first baby for dad and the first home birth for mum…but its not just ANY home birth.  Where […]